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Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage – an ancient form of full body treatment combining passive stretching, compressions and acupressure in a rhythmic and systematic 90 minute routine. The recipient (client) will lay flat on the mat and the therapist will work foot to head over the entire body. Thai Massage is commonly referred to as Thai-Yoga Massage in the West because the recipient is passively moved through a range of yoga like postures by the RMT.

This whole body treatment can increase circulation, improve vitality and restore a feeling of overall balance by relieving muscle tension and works towards aligning the body back to a more natural neutral position you can relax into.

Usually a very invigorating treatment, this routine is effective at increasing flexibility, stimulating the nervous system, restoring postural dysfunction and can be helpful for those suffering from insomnia.

Currently Only Offered By:
Candice Stevenson, RMT

Pricing: the same as a 90 minute Treatment.
$165 at the clinic and $255 for on-site treatments.
You will receive a receipt the same as any RMT treatment.