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Ayurvedic Indian Head and Scalp Massage

Ayurvedic Indian Head and Scalp Massage (aka champissage or “indian head massage”)

A 45 minute Ayurvedic Indian Scalp, Head and Face Massage Treatment with warm oils and hot oil hair treatment.
The Indian head massage is an ancient therapeutic practice used in India for over 2,000 years, (since around 600 B.C), is a more vigorous treatment than the standard swedish techniques used in traditional massage therapy by RMT’s in Ontario.
The Indian Head Massage Treatment (also known as champissage) has the Massage Therapist massaging your neck, shoulders, face, scalp, hair and head all first without oil and then with.

This appointment involves the practitioner running their hands through your hair, over your head, face, neck and shoulders with and without oil. This will leave you with a full head of well oiled hair.

Some potential benefits to Indian Head Massage are:

» Preventing jaw pain, clenching, teeth grinding, headaches and migraines by releasing built-up tension in the head, face, jaw and neck area and relieving muscle stiffness.
» Increasing relaxation which can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.
» Relieving stress and quieting the mind which can also improve sleep.
» Stimulating lymphatic drainage in the head, neck and face.

It is recommended to:

» Come in with hair recently brushed to avoid pulling on any tangles.
» Arrive without any makeup or jewlery on.
» You may wish to bring a hat or headband to leave with.
» Some choose to let the oil soak in for a few hours before washing it out to increase the hairs volume and give it a little extra time to absorb.

This treatment can NOT be performed if any of the following circumstances apply
Please be sure to read them over and let your therapist know if you need to change the appointment to a regular massage in this circumstance.

» Recent Botox
» Recent Filler
» Recent Microblading
» Recent Microdermabrasion
» Recent Cosmetic Surgery
» Hair Extensions

Offered by:

Beth Taylor, RMT
Candice Stevenson, RMT

Pricing: is the same as a 45 minute Massage Treatment.
$90 at the clinic and $150 for on-site treatments.
You will receive a receipt the same as any RMT treatment.